Yoga and Meditation Retreat

"Just as the beauty and sweet fragnance of the Lotus flower are only revealed when it rises up from the muddy water and turns toward the sun, so our lives will only grow in beauty when we leave behind the world of Maya or illusion and look toward God. through meditation" — Swami Vishnu-dewanandha

In facing this life, You have four demands at least. Self demands, family demands, professional demands and environmental demands. If you can fulfill all the demands, that means You have no problem in facing this life. In reality sometimes, you can't fulfill all of Your demands.

Lack of ability in fulfill the demands can cause strain or stress. Whatever Your Professional is You can not avoid from stress. Uncontrolled stress creates problem. Almost 70% of the diseases are caused by stress.

Yoga and Meditation have been trusted for thousands years can help one to reach calmness. Calmness is the source of physical, mental and emotional health. Only calmness can balance the stress that is faced in daily life.

    • Yoga Retreat
    • Siwa Yoga
    • Honeymoon Retreat
    • Kamasutra Yoga
    • Morning Retreat
    • Breathing and Smilling Meditation
    • Freedom From Stress
    • Jagadhita Yoga
    • Half Day Retreat
    • Smilling Meditation
    • Freedom From Stress
    • Jagadhita Yoga
    • Calming Emotion
    • Bali Kundalini Yoga
    • Walking Meditation

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